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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My horrible awful no good smoke detector

My smoke detector is absolutely possessed. For the past 3 days our stupid smoke alarm keeps going off *BEEP BEEP BEEP* and then nothing. The homeowners association lady thinks that it was someone retaliating because we leave Charlie outside and apperently people are upset by that. So now if I can possibly call the nice firemen (the non-emergency line... where can I get that number?)will they come and check my alarms? I don't want to open the alarms in case something might be living in there. So... I'm sitting in the living room on edge and the alarm did it's little *BEEP BEEP* thing again. Oh, I lost it. I was going straight for the National Guard's number! This is getting freaking ridiculous.

In the end, I called my parents to see if they knew what would make a smoke detector go off if nothing was on fire. I felt all the walls in my apartment to make sure nothing was warm behind them. The oven hadn't been on since 9am, I hadn't cooked all day, and I NEVER burn candles.

As I sit here, three days later, exhausted and frustrated, I worry. I'm an incredibly fire-conscious person (my father being a firefighter and all), especially since I live "attached" to other people and can not control their actions. I really don't like it when my smoke detector (which only uses back up batteries--it's hard-wired) starts going off. Scares the shit out of me.

If you know any possible causes for a false alarm, please comment. I want to get this fixed asap.