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I am a 22 year old college graduate (hurray!!) who has two degrees (business and psychology). I am going to do the DCP in August because I dont want to grow up. I can't wait to be living in FL again in the happiest place on earth!! A cautionary whale: I talk about everyone and everything in this blog...my opinions are just that...opinions so take them at face value and if you don't like what I have to say...then don't read it, Einstein!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Disney Vlog #9

So 43 days from now you will no longer hear me whining about school! Totally exciting, right?! I am beginning to panic more and more easily. It is mainly because I am a planner. I like to have a plan, a back up plan and plans for everything that could possibly go wrong, its just who I am. This semester, there is no plan B. If I fail any of my business classes then I am essentially screwed and the second degree that I have worked so hard for will be gone. I do not believe that I will fail these classes, contrary to many beliefs I am rather intelligent. I just have a very hard time focusing on one thing, which makes studying for test a complete nightmare and taking the actual test even worse. I have learned however to complete the extra assignments, get 100's on all of the homework assignments and projects in order to balance out those terrible test grades. Still some prayer surely wouldn't hurt....

Official Countdowns:
My Birthday (#22) is in 16 days
Graduation is in 43 days
Check in for Disney is in 143 days

I bought my cap and gown yesterday...I have actually debated if I wanted to walk at graduation or not quite a bit. Our speaker is rather boring, it will be rather hot, I have quite a bit of disdain for my school and the only member of my family coming is my mom. It made more sense to simply pack up everything myself, give it all to Aunt Leenie and then just fly home instead of paying for mom to fly down here and then flying both of us back. However, the more I thought about it, the more i realized that people don't usually regret things that they do but rather things that they don't do. So come May 10th 2009, at the horrendiously early hour of 9am I will be walking across the stage at Meredith College and getting my diplomas.

My school's formal was last night. I had an amazing dress (that I bought forever ago and never had a chance to wear until last night) and my hair was awesome (tiny side bun...I wish I had longer hair, that way it would have looked better but oh well).

No one made me dance which made me very happy. I sat in the back and got to watch all of the dresses (the good, the bad and the seran wrap ones) and I was privilaged enough to see all the sex happening on the dance floor. Since when is it acceptable to pull up your dress and grind on your boyfriend in the middle of a crowed dance floor? Sadly I wish I were making that up. There were quite a few girls who were so incredibly drunk that they could no longer stand and their boyfriends/dates had to carry them around. Also, there was a huge fight and the guy was escorted out of the dance. I am not sure what happened but it looked rather serious.
My roommates birthday is on Monday so I gave her all of her birthday presents last night and she was really excited about them! I bought her Guiness glasses (she spend a semester in Ireland and is rather attached to anything Irish), drinking glasses for her new house, a book, mint kisses and an apple peeler. Her and her fiancee are moving into their apartment today...well he is moving in, she is still going to be living with me till the end of the school year but will move in with him after the wedding.
Its 10:30am on a saturday and there are A LOT of girls in the fitness center right now. More than I would have expected for a early saturday morning. Glad I didn't skip work today.

In Disney news, Monday and Tuesday are my live presentation here! I am very excited to see Andy (my recruiter) again, as well as the reps from UNC (they are rather far and we dont get to see them often). Plus I love getting to talk about my experience at Disney and lets face it, the movie makes me cry everytime. There is so little Disney in my life right now that it is sad. 143 days until I check in for my program, but that means 140 days till anything Disney really happens. I have all my bedding, towels, clothes that I want to pack, etc completely ready since I am just packing up my dorm room and essentially bringing that. The one thing I really want to do differently this time, is write to my family. I remember being little and LOVING any mail that had my name on it. I really want to write postcards to my sisters more this time down.

I need to decide if I want to bring my TV again. I was the ONLY roommate who brought a TV last time so it went out into the living room which caused it to get quite a bit of use. If our (mine and Amandas) room has a cable plug, I might just leave it in our room. I don't want the other roommates to think we are hording it, but it is rather old and I would prefer to have it kept intact for another 5-6 years before I have to buy a new one.

Things people forget to bring to the Disney College Program:
-Stamps (you'd be suprised how many of your friends will want postcards)
-Stuff for when you get sick
-Slippers (think about how many people have lived in the apartment before you and what might be living in that carpet).
-Egg crates for the beds
-Coffee Makers (I will be bringing my coffee maker...will I be making coffee with it? We'll see)
-Hand soap
-Laundry Detergent

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Postering at Peace, Fires at Meredith and Crazyness

So on Friday night, I went to hang posters for the DCP at Peace College with Nicole from the NCSU Rep Team. We got there and neither of us had ever been to Peace before, so we had to figure out where we were going. Anyways as we are hanging posters in one of the buildings, these creepy security guards start ask us all these questions and then for the next ten minutes, it seemed like every time we turned around there they were! It was crazy!! Then Nicole invited me to go to dinner with her, her boyfriend and her boyfriends friend. We went to Red Robin and I had alot of fun with them.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early at 730 so that I could go to target and buy TWILIGHT!! My roommate Sarah was a tad bit annoyed that I made her wake up super early but she dealt with it and we went. We also went to Pet Smart and bought some new fishes since Michael Phelps bit the dust over spring break and Unagi died 2 days ago. Sarah left to go see 'Last house on the left' and spent the night at Jesses. I must have dozed off at 9-ish because the next thing I knew, the dorms fire alarm was going off. So I grabbed my cell phone and a jacket and went outside thinking it was a drill and we would be back in soon. Suddenly the fire trucks (yup more than one) pulled into the parking lot. I was talking to my aunt about what was going on and then my phone died! Stupid phone! Anyways an hour later we were allowed to go back into the dorm. I still don't know what happend but it was an adventure. I got to watch twilight several times last night since Sarah wasnt home.

Sunday started out rather lovely. I did my laundry and planned to lay around until I had work at 530 (since I had finished my monstrous load of homework on saturday). Unfortunately after my laundry was done and folded, I began to feel really sick. I had only eaten an orange earlier and I am rather thankful I did not eat more since that orange was rather speedy in coming back up. So here I am at work, praying I do not throw up anymore but I dont think I will since I have nothing in my stomach now. Sarah is going to buy me saltines and possibly french fries in hope that one or the other will calm my stomach down. Oh why am I at work you ask? Because no one would answer thier phones and take my shift and if I dont open the fitness center I get into big trouble. Oh well.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

wait there are ONLY 8 WEEKS LEFT?!?!

Ok so I feel the need to warn you that this is the point in the semester, I begin to panic...hardcore. I am a pessimist at my very core, I plan the very worst thing that could happen and then make plans about what can happen to get me out of the aforementioned worst thing. I graduate in May so I am screwed if I fail ANY of my exams. There is no plan B, If I don't pass one of my class, like its done, game over. I am so nervous it is ridiculous! I have 8 weeks until Graduation, which kind of sounds like a lot but really isnt.

In Disney news...I actually don't have that much Disney news. We are nearing our live presentation here at NC State & Meredith. It is 1 week and 6 days away. Is anyone else having a really hard time focusing on their school work and not daydreaming about living in Disney World? I keep letting my mind wonder during class and it seems to be catching up with me.

4 weeks till my birthday!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Only 2 more months of hell!! wohoo!!

So today is the offical 2 month mark. In 2 months on this very day, I will be graduating from Meredith College and I never ever have to come back!!! HURRAY!!!

In case you couldn't tell by my oh so subtle hints, I hate my school. A lot. Going to an all girl school was/is my biggest mistake ever. I hate most girls so why should going to an all girl school be any different. Some of the professors here are wonderful but other staff in the residence life offices and in registrar are just mean, lazy and rude. I have had the worst experience with them and can not wait to be free and unable to be reprimanded any longer by them.

Bare with me...just a bit more bad news before I move onto happier topics. So there is this guy that I went out on a date with...maybe 3 times, he is my roomates finances friend. Hes a super creeper in my mind. Anyways he is going down for fall advantage and got accepted in attractions. Awesome. I have this this terrible feeling we will either be neighbors or we will get the same attractions. Either one and I actually might consider dropping the program. JUST KIDDING. Like Amanda would ever let me quit.

Now on to happier topics: I found out that someone I graduated high school with will be going down on the Disney College Program also! Its kind of strange but still really cool at the same time.

I am going to buy a new fish this week...so I need suggestions on the name. And before you say it...I have already had a fish named blowjob.

Amanda and I are suffering through midterms...we are constantly texting eachother and talking about dropping out/ talking the other out of dropping out. I miss her a lot and LOVED that she suprised me over spring break with a mini visit!!

In 4 weeks I will be 22, which is also exciting! I'm not sure why but I like 22!

I know that I already mentioned this but I am 2 months from graduation!!! WOOOOOOO!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Everything is coming along nicely

So Emily got accepted!! Hurray!! Now we have Dana, Amanda, Me, Amanda and Emily in the apartment (hopefully we can all get an apartment together!!). We are checking in on August 19th 2009!! I'm so excited because these girls all seem so nice and I think we will have a lot of fun in our apartment together!!

This week has been spring break so I've hanging out with my family and getting some homework done. I have finished humor in the workplace so hopefully I get a C in the class and I can transfer the grade over to Meredith and be done!!

ps. I <3 Arbor Mist Sangria wine. Just an FYI, lol