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I am a 22 year old college graduate (hurray!!) who has two degrees (business and psychology). I am going to do the DCP in August because I dont want to grow up. I can't wait to be living in FL again in the happiest place on earth!! A cautionary whale: I talk about everyone and everything in this blog...my opinions are just that...opinions so take them at face value and if you don't like what I have to say...then don't read it, Einstein!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I havent written in a while. I've been to stressed out with life. Im exhausted and I just give up. I need some renewed faith asap.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And they call it puppy love....

So we are all a little heartbroken today. We found out that we are not allowed to have pets in the apartment. Even though we asked multiple times and were always assured that it was allowed and all we would have to do if pay the fee and sign the pet addendum. Im getting more and more upset with this stupid company. They have taken advantage of us since the first time we called them.

Im so upset right now, but not as upset as Emily, who feel in love yesterday at the shelter and put in an application.

Well we are finally able to recieve mail. It seems lackluster after the let down of no pets, but it is still exciting. Also, the cleaning ladies are here right now. There are 5 of them and they seem to hate CT reality almost as much as we do. She said that they never call her to clean before and if they do sometimes they dont have water or electricity to clean with.

Friday, January 22, 2010

We're sauced...lets break glass!

Today was a horrible day at work. I never knew so many people could be so gross at the same time. I literally had to clean a bathroom of pee today. I just doused it in the disinfect and dove right in. Unfortunely it also meant that I missed my lunch and both of my breaks in order to get done on time. I also had a guest complaint room so I had to literally strip and disinfect EVERYTHING in the room. It took almost 2 hours and I had 11 rooms today.

In more exciting news, the handy man came. It was kinda like having my dad here. I told him our list and he just fixed it. Everything we didnt know how to do, he just fixed it. So our dryer is fixed, our freezer is making ice, our sink outlets produce electricity and he will return to fix our door and give us the proper ice tray! The cleaning ladies called Emily and we have contacted a lock smith about our mailbox. Things may actually be coming together at this point.

Todays movie: G.I. Joe

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Email I sent today...

So I've posted every other email....here is the one I sent today:

Mr. Nieves,
Today we had to drive a half hour to receive the mail key from the only person we know in Orlando because your company insisted on mailing the key (that we should have had from the beginning) instead of coming to us or even fed-exing it to us. When we returned home to finally receive our mail, the key would not open the mailbox. It opens box 103, when we clearly live in 102 terrace ridge circle. Now we have been very patient about the broken items, the dirt in the apartment and even the mail key. However, we are reaching the end of the month when our electricity bill is due and we do not have the bill to pay. This is absurd and we need this issue corrected immediately. We feel like you are taking advantage of us simply because of our age. While we appreciate that you are taking care of the broken items and the filth, this needs to be the pressing issue and get resolved. Feel free to contact me as soon as you have any imformation regarding this issue.

Jessica Adams

This whole thing is just starting to make my blood boil. Are they kidding with this? Do they think because we are young and silly and this is the first time we are renting a home that they can just screw us over. Its getting really old, really fast. They could ruin my credit simply because they cant get their shit together enough to give us our mail key.

Send me a letter!...oh wait...on second thought....

So today we got our mail key!! Yay!! But wait, it DOESNT open our mailbox. Thats right, we were mailed a mail key that does not open our mailbox! Ugh, Im so over being patient. This is stupid, this company is a joke.

I still need to organize my room. I seem to just come home and collapse on the couch. The energy level is very low. Even now, I should be cleaning instead of typing this and watching friends but im just to tired.

Todays movie: Star Trek

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Elementary my dear Watson....

So unlike I thought yesterday, I did not spend the day cleaning. I woke up this morning and paid my speeding ticket. Then Emily and I went on an adventure to South Orange Blossom Trail. Arguably the most sketch-tastic place in Orlando. We went to Verizon (I now have a charger that actually charges my phone), Aldis (yay for food), and the library (my books were due back today). Then we went to Target, where we proceeded to shop for 2 hours because Cait was not there to force us along, lol. Then we came home, I made pizza and breadstick for us all for dinner and we went to go see Sherlock Homes. It was alright movie. Nothing spetacular. I will most likely not see the second as the first kinda bored me.

Im extremely saddened that the nearest library is in Haines City, which is a whopping 30 min drive from my apartment. What is with that?! We are so far away from everything in our little cornor of the world.

In apartment news, Wilda must be fed up with us. She fwd my email to her boss Francisco. Here is what my email said:

Our lawyers are currently looking at the lease (it has to go to all 3 of our seperate lawyers so that could take some time). As soon as they mail it back to us, we will forward it on to you. I also needed to talk to you about a few things. We need to insure that the things in the apartment that are currently broken get fixed (The dryer, the headboard in the 3rd bedroom, the ice maker, the blinds in every room, etc). How should we go about fixing the broken items? Is it something that the owners cover? Should we contact them directly about this situation? We also need to figure out how we are going to deal with the level of filth that currently resides in the apartment from before we even moved in. If we chose to clean it ourselves, will you reimburst us for expenses(cleaning supplies and labor)? or are you willing to hire a cleaning team to come in and professionally clean the apartment like it should have been before we moved in. Please let me know as soon as possible.

Here was the responce we got:
Dear Ms. Adams:
We will send a cleaning service to the unit and a Handyman to repair anything that needs to get repair in the structure of the unit. They will contact you shortly. Any issues with the furniture will NOT be repaired. Furniture is rented as is. From now on please contact the undersigned for any questions.

So that is where we are on that. We should be contacted shortly.

Well thats all that happend today. Back to work tomorrow, Im being upgrade to a whopping 10 rooms by myself. Im pretty excited. Then home tomorrow night to pick up and organize my bedroom....hopefully.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Still cant pay my ticket. Still can't get my mail. This is just getting annoying. However...when Im annoyed, I clean. This may be profitable for my roommate... I hope I can get it done tomorrow.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day one on my own!!

Today was my first day completely alone. It was only slightly terrifying. The truely terrifying part of my day came early this morning. At exactly 7:53 I woke up, which wouldnt be an issue except for the fact that I have to be at work at the morning meeting at 8:00 every morning. So I was exactly 20 mins late to work. Good thing for me that the managers were running late so the morning meeting started almost as I arrived. Sometimes God really does work mysterious ways.

So anyways, I was assigned to 8 rooms (one of the them was a suite!). My first room of the day was a check out, which means it needs to be REALLY REALLY cleaned (scrubbed with bleach, change all linens, dust, vaccum, etc). I LOVE these rooms, things can be neat, organized and orderly without having to pick up random child toys or clothes or anything else (today I had a thong but well get to that later). So I wentinto the room expecting bad things(check out rooms are often trashed)and I was plesently suprised.I left that room with a case of pepsi, cookies, bounce dryer sheets and an apple juice. It was the perfect way to correct my aweful morning.

In the 3rd room I was just suppose to tidy so I was folding the pajamas to place back onto the pillows and out falls a thong. Now I folded both the mom and the dads pjs...so the question remains...whose thong was it?!

So after coming home my roommates suprised me by getting Julie and Julia as movie for tonight. Im very excited because it's one that I havent seen and I really wanted to see it. Last nights movie was Public Enemies and the night before that we got The Ugly Truth.

And in bad news I still can't pay my traffic ticket because I can't get into my mailbox and I can not pay the ticket online because the "ipay" system is down. BOOOOO.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First day of being a mousekeeper

So its a new year and I have renewed faith in myself to return to blogging once a week. I wont promise anything, but im working on it! Im also working on being more spiritual. I am a realist, I like plans and when things work out.

Today was my first day as a "mousekeeper" at Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL). The first room was marathon runners. It was so dirty! There were bottles of juice and grossness everywhere. The second room was a couple on their honeymoon. I was super excited about that cause I only had to make one bed since they were having sex on both beds!The bunk beds possed a bit of a challenge becuase im short but Ill work on it. So on average I have 8 hours to clean 16 rooms. That breaks down to 2 rooms every hour? Goodness, I have my work cut out for me! I learned how to make a towel elephant, a towel mouse, a mickey head and a towel heart. However I successfully cleaned 12 rooms today, which is certainly accomplishing something. I learned that most Brazilians turn their heat up to 1,000 because they like the heat. I also need to get to MK lost and found to try and find my water bottle. Hopefully someone just turned it in and its waiting for me (I can at least hope, right?).

So the latest in real estate drama- CT HOMES IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. We moved in what like 3 weeks ago and they failed to give us a mail key! Really? What real estate agency gives their tenants 1 apartment key, 1 swipy card for the club house and NO mail box key. This company seems like the biggest joke. Im really super nervous because our apartment is still listed as an apartment for rent on their web site. What is to say that they wont just evict us because someone who isnt so bothersome offers up rent. So about the mail key, I sent our real estate agent Wildia the following email:

Hi Wildia,
We are unable to pick up the mail key tomorrow. The reality office is extremly out of the way and would cost us about $20 in gas. Also, since you should have given us the key when we were originally at the office signing the lease, i feel that it is your responsibility to correct this mistake. Would you be able to fed ex it to us so that it comes to our door and not to the mail box, therefore we get our mail key without you being inconvienced. We need to resolve this asap as I have bills sitting in my mailbox for the past 2 weeks that we have been unable to pay. Please give me a call if you are unable to fed ex or ups ship the key to the apartment.

Thank you,
Jessica Adams

Hopefully it isnt to mean and gets something accomplished. I can only complain for so long and have nothing done about it. Anyways, thats about it for now.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goodness, its been 4 months already? Are you sure?

So in case anyone still reads this and is deeply invested in my life, here are some updates:

1) I am now renting an apartment in Davenport, FL.
2) I still live with Emily and Cait (and Dana has an optional bed in my room)
3) Dana and Luke left to go back to the real world
3.5) Yellow ID
4)My last day at pirates

1+2) So we had to move out of Patterson because our College program ended on the 8th of January. Well Emily, Cait and I had been search (quite franticly) for an apartment. I was literally on craigslist every night looking for any and every sketchy 3 bedroom apartment. We finally found a 3 bedroom in Davenport that includes our cable, water and internet for only $925 a month.

The day we went to sign the lease was a comedy of errors. We wanted to get into the apartment on monday because Caits cousin Jenna was coming in and couldnt stay with us at Patterson. So I called our agent Wildia but low and behold we couldnt sign the lease until Friday because their system was broken and etc. So I called the main guy at CT homes (Francissco) and cried until he said we could take possession the next day. So the next day we went in to sign the lease (mind you cait and emily have to be at work at 11am) at 9 am. We sat there doing nothing for an hour because Wildia was late so at 10 am we begin to sign the lease, at 1030 Wildia asks us for the first months rent plus the security deposit. So naturally we panic because no one told us to bring anything. So we book it over to the local (and sketch-tastic) walmart and proceeded to take out the money needed. I went into 5 different cashiers lines buying 3 bags of funonions, a twix and a diet coke and got cash back everytime! So after getting a cashiers check we finally sign the lease and get the key. Only suprise...theres only one key! Ugh. And after all of that we found dirt and grossness in the apartment (and dead bugs). Our tv is possessed, our ice maker doesnt work, the headboard on the second bed in my room is broken, the dryer creates a sauna because it doesnt vent properly and a few other things as well.

3) Dana went home to Scranton and Luke went home to Chicago. The night before Dana left we went to Jellyrolls and proceeded to get her giggly drunk again. She is now convinced that Emily, Cait and I live on a farm because of the white fencing that surrounds our apartment. On Friday morning we helped Dana pack her car and turned in our ids, car stickers and apartment keys. Then I went to vista to pick up Luke so that I could say goodbye and he would have a ride to the airport. After I dropped off Luke, I cried so hard that I had to pull over. I never realized how much it would hurt to have people I truely care about leave me.

3.5) I am now a yellow id-ed full timer!! Hurray!!

4)I start my new job on tuesday morning! Bright and early at 8am. My last night at pirates wasnt epic or even awesome. It was boring and very non chalent (however you spell that). Cait starts her new job driving safari truck in the morning and Emily starts on tuesday as well.

Well thats about it, Im still unpacking and reorganizing things in my room. Trying to make it homier and more like me. Im currently looking for a pirate outfit that costuming swears I have out, that I can not currently find. Oh well, hopefully it will turn up.