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I am a 22 year old college graduate (hurray!!) who has two degrees (business and psychology). I am going to do the DCP in August because I dont want to grow up. I can't wait to be living in FL again in the happiest place on earth!! A cautionary whale: I talk about everyone and everything in this blog...my opinions are just that...opinions so take them at face value and if you don't like what I have to say...then don't read it, Einstein!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Slowly losing my mind...

I have no right to complain...I am relatively healthy, no one close to me has died recently, and I am pursuing a promising career. Plus I chose to add the second degree and throw my life in to chaos. I want the job at Disney, I want a career in business...I just dont want to do all the work. That sounds lazy but its the truth.

I am currently taking 21 credit hours for school and work an average of 20 hours a week. I must be insane...it's the only logical answer to why I am killing myself. This semester I am taking:
Social psychology (my last psych class)
-I love this class. We have open discussions about everything so that we can relate it to our own lives, we have a mid-term and a final and weekly journals.

French 205 (my last french class!)
-French is bane of my existence. It was that way back in high school too. I can't seem to comprehend the language which is not good considering I HAVE to pass this class in order to fulfill my gen-ed requirement.

Anthropology of religion (CORE)
-Core is a pointless need of Meredith college to force us to participate in more broad classes. I hate gen ed. This class is taught by a woman with no comprehension of what her life is doing. She constantly changes assignments and does not tell us, she contradicts what she says but still expects perfection from us.

Corporate Finance
-I hate math, but that being said this class is alright. I'm not doing well but I'm not failing which I take as a sign of encouragement. I really like the professor and that always helps.

Training and Development
-I LOVE the teacher for this class, she makes everything so relate able. I know that after taking this class, training and development is not where I was to go in Human Resource. I find it dull and I don't like teaching people things.

Human Resource Management
-This has the same professor as Training and Development. This class is what I want to do with my life. I love it but it is difficult. The class has a lot of content that needs to be memorized and memory is not one of my strong points.

So there it is...my entire life laid out in black and white. I don't have time to have a life this semester...I've only gone out on one date and I haven't been to one single party. I'm not the partying kind, so I don't miss that. But I miss watching movies, being able to read a book, having time to be able to swim in the pool or simply having time to relax. When this is done, I will look back and know that I could conquer it but right now I seem as small as David and my work load is defiantly Goliath. All I can really do is pray that with God's help I can succeed and this is merely part of his plan for me.

My class over the winter are:
-Women's fitness
-Family and society
-Intro to sociology

So my classes for spring semester are:
-Employee Relations
-Business Policy
-Compensation and Benefits
-HR Internship
-Jane Austen
-Organizational Behavior

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ok so what I want to know is why a human resource major needs to take corporate finance in the first place! I mean, seriously, when am I ever going to need corporate finance?! I can not figure out what the point to stocks and bonds is...I mean why do I need to know how much interest will be on a bond in 10 years? Isnt that what accountants are for?

Disney is my goal. Everyone knows that but what I want to know is if killing myself this semester is really worth the wonderful-ness that goes with it.

I just need deep breaths and lots of prayers.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why I am determined...

So in my sophomore year I declare a Psych major here at Meredith. That same year I also decided to go work for the Disney College Program. While I tried to get credit for going down, i ended up with none.

Now thats all fine and dandy except there are a few things I didn't count on while being down there: Meeting my best friend in the whole world. Wanting to move down there so I can play at the parks regularly (I should have seen that one coming). Adding my business major.

So now I am 2 semester away from graduation and I am 12 hours short of earning two degrees in business and psychology. My solution? Stress myself out more than possible by adding an additional 3 credits to my 18 hours. So I am taking 21 hours this semester. 6 hours over winter break and then another 21 hours in the spring. All just to graduate with two stupid degrees.

I'm not even sure it's worth it anymore...